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                  GET STARTED WITH
                  DEEP LEARNING

                  Three simple steps to kick off your deep learning projects for a solo project, a small team, or at scale.


                  SELECT YOUR SOFTWARE

                  Find the software that’s right for you. Choose from an interactive app, customizable frameworks, or high-performance libraries.

                  NVIDIA Digits

                  NVIDIA® DIGITS

                  Interactively manage data and train deep learning models for image classification, object detection, and image segmentation without the need to write code.

                  Deep Learning Frameworks


                  Design and train deep learning models using a high-level interface. Choose a deep learning framework that best suits your needs based on your choice of programming language, platform, and target application.

                  NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK

                  NVIDIA DEEP LEARNING SDK

                  This NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK delivers high-performance multi-GPU acceleration and industry-vetted deep learning algorithms, and is designed for easy drop-in acceleration for deep learning frameworks.

                  CHOOSE A GPU

                  NVIDIA GPUs for deep learning are available in desktops, notebooks, servers, and supercomputers around the world, as well as in cloud services from Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, and Google. You can choose a plug-and-play deep learning solution powered by NVIDIA GPUs or build your own.

                  TITAN RTX

                  DESKTOP DEVELOPMENT

                  • NVIDIA TITAN RTX - The most powerful graphics card ever created for the PC is fueling breakthroughs in every industry.
                  • NVIDIA Quadro? GV100 - The most advanced accelerator for deep neural network training on a professional workstation.
                  Data Center Solutions

                  DATA CENTER SOLUTIONS

                  • NVIDIA? DGX? SYSTEMS - The world's portfolio of purpose-built AI supercomputers. NVIDIA DGX systems are designed to give data scientists the most powerful tools for AI exploration that goes from your desk, to the data center, and the cloud.
                  • NVIDIA Tesla? Solutions - The world's leading platform for the accelerated data center, providing the power to accelerate both artificial intelligence and high performance computing workloads.
                  Embedded Applications


                  GPU-Accelerated Cloud Services

                  GPU-ACCELERATED CLOUD


                  GET UP AND RUNNING

                  Choose the options that best suit your needs and learning style.

                  DEEP LEARNING CLASSES

                  BLOG POSTS AND ARTICLES


                  Optimize Your AI Workflows

                  CUDA-X AI software-acceleration libraries unlock the power of GPUs in your modern AI applications. Accelerate workflows from end to end and get essential optimizations for deep learning, machine learning, and data analysis.